Dane Flanigan is a business consultant who helps companies build strategies to grow corporate profitability.

The strategies can be increasing the customer base from vertical sales to business development even real estate expansion. There may be a need for capital infusion either institutional or private. There is also planning an exit strategy to sell or liquidate the company. The choice to build a business, sell it and do something else.

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  • Dane is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. He graduated from Ohio State University with a major in Political Science and a minor in Economics. He attended school in Spain to study Spanish and the emergence of the European Union. He received his MBA in Los Angeles where he now lives. He believes in learning from everyone around him and equates his highest strength in life in his ability to listen.

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Dane has consulted with some of the biggest studios and production companies in film, TV and gaming: Electronic Arts, SCA , Authentic, Relativity, Industrial Light and Magic, DreamWorks, MPC. He has also worked with top cinematic schools including USC and Chapman University with the belief that these are the up and coming filmmakers of tomorrow. He relies on his creativity and imagination to create concepts and pitch ideas.

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Dane has a  passion for people and different flavors of the world led him into consulting for restaurants, hotels and resorts. His creativity to build and background in real estate allows him to do cost analysis for expansion and financial forensics to look at future growth. The most important part of any business is to reach the clientele through effective marketing and examine how tastes change.

The best part of any hospitality destination is furthering the guests’ experience.



Mr. Flanigan has helped with several medical practices to integrate technology, new source billing, streamline accounting and acquisitions.

Medical practitioners are some of the smartest, highly educated people; there are times you need to step back and look at the practice as a business. With any business there is a need to decrease costs and improve productivity. If your medical practice needs a boost we should talk today.

Private Aviation

Mr. Flanigan has a long history in consulting and selling private air charter services on a worldwide basis. His clients list includes A-list celebrities, entertainment companies, corporations and high-net worth individuals. He attributes much of his success in the industry to his relationships with aircraft operators and owners. He is no longer in the private charter business but he is more than happy to share his knowledge and consult with you about private aviation or aircraft ownership needs.



Perfection Air Charter Acquisition

Real Estate

A California licensed real estate broker with a background in development and project management in both commercial and residential real estate. His development sites include Silver Lake, Echo Park and Downtown Los Angeles.

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License Number: BRE 01403189



Technology through applications and hand held devices are rapidity changing the world. Dane holds the belief of being at the forefront working with companies,  helping them reach clients on a technological basis affecting lifestyle and penetrating the market.

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The business strategy section is a great way to understand how Mr. Flanigan forms his plans for increasing revenues. It is outside the box thinking with an MBA and market approach that adds to his excellence as a business sales consultant.

Working with Dane Flanigan

How Dane Increases Company Sales

Access and experience are true ways to evaluate and increase company sales.

Evaluation of company sales over the past three years (tax returns & Profit and Loss)

Industry assessment and market longevity

Building a strategy to grow sales

Developing milestones for sales progression

Introduction to industry experts to help maximize production

Looking at financing options if applicable – institutional and private

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